1. Card pricing:

Because Dracoti associates quite closely with its customers this is a request for help and assistance and not a legal issue – we do need your understanding and continued goodwill to make this issue workable for both parties.

a) When placing an order and the card price is considerably lower than what it is currently listed at on, Joe (WhatsApp on 083 412 6598) will be in contact with you (the buyer) to discuss a mutually agreeable arrangement regarding the price of the card.
b) If you feel that the pricing as listed on is much higher than other sites, feel free to contact Joe and he will adjust as far as possible.

2. Shipping:

a) Shipping is on Tuesdays and we endeaver to keep to this arrangement.
b) When there is a new release all orders containing pre-orders of this release will be shipped the Friday on its release date. For that week there will not be a Tuesday shipment but only a Friday shipment.
c) Public holidays also affect the shipping day. We ship to have the cards arrive on the Friday of that week.
d) Please put other arrangements in the notes of the order.
e) When there are orders with an insufficient total value to justify shipping for free to one of the collection points those orders will stand over to be shipped when the total value does justify it.

3. Cancellation and changes to orders:

There is no charge for cancellation or amendment to an order. However, if there are repeated cancellations, an administration fee of R50 per cancellation or amendment will be applicable.

4. PayFast:

a) We have no control over PayFast and the buyers’ dealings with PayFast.
b) Please try and keep orders through PayFast over R 100 as PayFast does not authorize amounts for less. (Setting on dashboard).

5. General:

When searching for a card and it is not found it is either out of stock or the spelling is wrong. is set up to only make cards that are in stock visible.  The (FL) after cards stands for Foreign Language.  Grading is on a NM, SP, P, MP scale and photos corresponding to these can be seen at under Selling and Grading.