News : Modern FNM 23/04/2015

Modern FNM 23/04/2015


By : Amoret


Round 1: Michiel Wessels vs. Jason Ward

This first round saw Michiel experimenting with a Red-White Burn deck that was unfamiliar to him against the well-known Merfolk archetype piloted by Jason.

Game 1:

Michiel had a fairly aggressive start with burn all-star Monastery Swiftspear and Boros Reckoner making an appearance in the first few turns. Jason was not fazed and invested in an Aether Vial and a Mutavault which would allow him to set up a strong board presence later in the game. He then stalled Michiel’s aggression significantly by copying Boros Reckoner using Phantasmal Image. Although Michiel still had access to a formidable burn suite, he was unable to recover sufficiently from the subsequent loss of his Reckoner. Jason used this opportunity to completely overwhelm the board with strong Merfolk creatures as well as powerful spells like Spreading Seas and Spell Pierce. Eventually with two Silvergill Adepts, an activated Mutavault, Tidebinder Mage and Lord of Atlantis on the board against him, Michiel accepted defeat and conceded.

Game 2:

In the second game, Michiel was not able to make any real plays until his second turn when he was able to cast Monastery Swiftspear. By that time it was too late as Jason had already consolidated his board position with Master of the Pearl Trident, Mutavault and Spellskite. Michiel was mana screwed and therefore unable to cast anything after the Swiftspear except for a single Pyroclasm. Jason continued to cast Merfolk creatures until about two turns later when Michiel realised he had no chance of recuperating and conceded defeat again.

Round 2: Jan Pretorius vs. Hennie Pretorius

The Pretorius mirror match saw Hennie was testing out a unique Mono-black homebrew against Jan’s Red-Green Ramp deck.

Game 1:

After a first turn Thoughtsieze from Hennie forced Jan to discard a Burning-Tree Emissary, it seemed like his strategy might have been stalled for a bit. Although it was a bit slow, he did manage to rally with an Arbor Elf and two Eternal Witnesses and was eventually able to use Nykthos and another Burning Tree Emissary to cast Primeval Titan. Hennie struggled to draw any low-cost cards and was unable to cast anything until this point when he used a Hero’s Downfall to get rid of the threat from the Titan. Nonetheless, Jan did have many creatures on the board by this point and was close to having lethal damage. Realising that he was unlikely to draw anything that he could cast before he was killed, Hennie conceded.

Game 2:

This game went much better for Jan who was able to ramp into Garruk, Wildspeaker and use his first ability to cast Joraga Treespeaker and an Arbor Elf by turn 2. He followed this with Primeval Titan and Nykthos in turn 3. Hennie was still struggling with drawing high-cost cards and was only able to play Crypt Ghast and a Slaughter Pact to get rid of the Primeval Titan on turn 4. However this was all for naught as Jan was able to buff his Treespeaker in the next turn to produce 22 trample damage. As Hennie had no blockers or removal, he was forced to concede.

Round 3: Roland Richartz vs. Theuns Prinsloo

Round three saw the mechanical legions of Roland’s Affinity deck squared off against the mindless aggression of Theuns’ Rakdos Aggro deck.

Game 1:

Roland was lucky enough to receive almost the perfect Affinity opening hand. While Theuns started off quite aggressively with Vexing Devil, Roland was able to play Glimmervoid, two Memnites, an Ornithopter, Mox Opal, Springleaf Drum and Archbound Ravager in turn 1. Theuns fought back with burn spells like Rift Bolt and Lava Spike as well as a Monastery Swiftspear but he couldn’t stop Roland’s momentum. Roland continued to beat at Theuns with all his creatures and eventually was able to achieve lethal damage before Theuns could properly muster his forces.

Game 2:

Theuns was able to start more aggressively this game with a Monastery Swiftspear in the first turn, while Roland was unable to repeat his God hand from the first game. A burn spell from Theuns to remove his Ornithopter stalled Roland even further. Roland did manage to stabilise by casting a Steel Overseer and an Archbound Ravager. Just as things were starting to go Roland’s way again, Theuns used Atarka’s Command combined with Monastery Swiftspear twice to land the killing blow.

Game 3:

Roland dominated the first few turns of this game with Ornithopter, Vault Skirge and Inkmoth Nexus while Theuns was only able to cast a Monastery Swiftspear by turn 6. Roland furthered strengthened his position with an Ensoul Artifact. As it goes with burn though, in the last few turns Theuns went over the top of Roland’s creatures and killed him with burn spells.

Round 4: Enrico Guarneri vs. Theuns Prinsloo

In Round 4, Enrico’s America deck took on Theun’s very intimidating Rakdos burn from the previous round.

Game 1:

Enrico had the misfortune of being extremely mana-screwed in this game and was only able to cast a Lightning Bolt once in order to get rid of Theun’s Vexing Devil. As a result, Theuns’ burn suite and aggressive creatures were able to build up lethal damage very quickly in the face of almost no resistance.

Game 2:

Enrico’s luck was slightly better in this game as Theuns also had mana problems for the first couple of turns. Enrico was still quite mana screwed but managed to put up a bit more of a fight this time, removing Theuns’ creatures with Lightning Bolts and eventually being able to cast Snapcaster Mage in order to cast them again. However it was not enough because Theuns had recovered from his mana problems a few turns earlier than Enrico and wore his life total down with burn spells and aggressive creatures.

Round 5: Jason Ward vs. Theuns Prinsloo

In the final round, the destructive forces of Theuns’ Rakdos deck took on Jason’s slippery Merfolk. The players were both on 4-0 so they decided to ID and play each other for first.

Game 1:

Theuns took the lead quite early in this game with a series of Rift Bolts and Eidolon of the Great Revel. However Jason managed to turn the tables through the use of Aether Vials to play Phantasmal Images copying Theuns’ Eidolon. Theuns was forced to remove one of Jasons’ copied Eidolons with burn spells which resulted in him taking damage as well. Jason then used this opportunity to cast more creatures which combined with the threat of his other copied Eidolon forced Theuns to concede defeat.

Game 2:

Theuns was fairly mana screwed in this game although he fought back admirably with Monastery Swiftspear and a few burn spells. He ran out of steam after the first 3 turns however. Meanwhile, Jason had had no problem in casting all his most threatening creatures and spells and managed to bring Theuns’ life total down to zero rather quickly.


1st:  Jason Ward

2nd: Theuns Prinsloo

3rd:  Enrico Guarneri

4th: Nivesh Kowlaser