News : Dracoti Standard FNM 3 July 2015


Dracoti Standard FNM

Round 1: Daniel Pretorius vs. Wynand van Zyl

In the first round, Daniel’s Blue-White Heroic deck faced off against Wynand’s fearsome Black-Red Dragons.

Game 1:

Daniel started swinging right from his first turn, with a Favoured Hoplite that was quickly bulked up with Stratus Walk. Wynand got rid of the Hoplite with a Draconic Roar before it became too much of a problem, but Daniel simply replaced him with a Battlewise Hoplite. After countering another Draconic Roar from Wynand, Daniel buffed his Hoplite with another Stratus Walk and strengthened his board position with Seek of The Way. At this point, Wynand was stuck on two lands and was therefore unable to respond when Daniel targeted his Hoplite with a Stratus Walk, a Defiant Strike and God’s Willing. Wynand was unable to draw another land in time to stop the Battlewise Hoplite and so was defeated.

Game 2:

Wynand got the ball rolling in this game with a Bloodsoaked Champion, while Daniel was mana screwed for a few turns. Daniel managed to recover in time to counter a potentially dangerous Hordeling Outburst from Wynand, and rallied with Hero of Iroas. At this point things got serious, with Wynand casting Thunderbreak Regent and Daniel casting Ordeal of Heliod and Ordeal of Thassa on his Hero. For the next few turns things were at a stalemate as each player continued to cast new creatures and remove their opponent’s creatures. Eventually however, the pressure from Wynand’s Thunderbreak Regent was too great and Daniel was forced to concede.

Game 3:

This game started off better for Daniel, who cast a Hero of Iroas before Wynand had a chance to get anything on the board. Soon afterwards, Wynand was building up his board position with Bloodsoaked Champion and Hordeling Outburst while Daniel continued to strengthen his board with Lagonna Band Traveller and Battlewise Hoplite. They traded blows for a few turns until Wynand managed to remove the Battlewise Hoplite and played another Hordeling Outburst. Daniel responded by buffing his Hero of Iroas with an Ordeal of Heliod but was mana screwed and wasn’t able to do much after that. As the game went into time, Daniel still had his Hero of Iroas on the board and Wynand had 3 goblin tokens. By turn 4 of time, Wynand had gotten Daniel down to 1 life with Stoke the Flames, Murderous Cut (to remove the Hero) and his goblins. However, he was just unable to deliver that last point of damage and so the game ended in a tie.

Round 2: Michiel Wessels vs. Ryno van der Merwe

In the second round, we saw Ryno’s Red-White midrange deck take on Michiel’s very interesting Blue-Green deck.

Game 1:

Michiel mulliganed once in this game and opened with a Hypnotic Siren. He was unfortunately stuck on one land, but things went well for Michiel for a few turns up until Ryno cast a Soulfire Grand Master. When Ryno followed that up with Seeker of the Way and Michiel was still only on one land of his fourth turn, Michiel conceded.

Game 2:

Michiel’s luck with lands did not change in this game and he was forced to mulligan three times in order to find a playable hand. He did surprisingly well off of 4 cards however, building a fairly strong board presence in the first few turns with Kiora’s Follower and Thassa, God of the Sea. Ryno opened up with a Soulfire Grand Master and followed that up with Thunderbreak Regent. Michiel stayed cool in the face of these threats, neutralising the Regent with Encase in Ice. When Ryno cast Wingmate Roc and Stormbreath Dragon, Michiel held on by responding with a Collected Company which netted him a Silumgar Sorcerer and a Stratus Dancer. However, Michiel soon lost those creatures when he used them to gangblock Ryno’s Wingmate Roc which was then made indestructible with Valorous Stance. Having lost two of his creatures and with his God no longer online, Michiel conceded in the next turn when Ryno cast another Thunderbreak Regent.

Round 3: Wynand van Zyl vs. Ryno van der Merwe

In this match which would decide the winner of the tournament, Ryno and his Red-White midrange and Wynand and his Black-Red dragon deck returned to the coverage table to face off against each other.

Game 1:

Both players started off fairly strong, with Wynand casting a Bloodsoaked Champion and Ryno casting a Soulfire Grand Master. Ryno removed Wynand’s Champion with a Lightning Strike soon after it was cast, but Wynand managed to recover with a Thunderbreak Regent. Soon both players made use of removal to deal with their opponent’s threats and the board was left clear. Ryno then managed to produce a Goblin Rabblemaster and a Wingmate Roc before Wynand could get his bearings, and Wynand conceded defeat.

Game 2:

This game started off much better for Wynand, who was able to cast a Bloodsoaked Champion and attack with it before Ryno could cast his Soulfire Grand Master. Wynand then managed to remove the Grand Master with a Draconic Roar and followed this up with a Thunderbreak Regent. Ryno was stuck with too few lands and could do nothing except remove the Champion with Wild Slash. When Wynand cast another Thunderbreak Regent, Ryno had to admit defeat and surrendered.

Game 3:

Ryno started off this game in a by now familiar manner, with a Soulfire Grand Master. When Wynand removed his Grand Master however, Ryno was in trouble as he kept drawing land instead of creatures or spells. While Wynand was casting Tymaret, the Murder King, Brutal Hordechief and Stormbreath Dragon, Ryno was desperately looking for a useful draw but never managed to get one. After the appearance of the Stormbreath Dragon, Ryno realised that it was hopeless and conceded again.


1st: Wynand van Zyl

2nd: Ryno van der Merwe

3rd: Renier Rousseau

4th: Daniel Pretorius