News : Historical


By Amoret Van Rooyen

Dracoti Standard FNM 3 July 2015

Modern FNM 23/04/2015

Dracoti FNM : January 2nd 2015

Coverage of the Dracoti Double Box Tournament 20/02/2015

By Andrew Cullen

Pro Tour Fate Reforged tournament report

 By Anthony Hodgson

Pro Tour Fate Reforged tournam ent report: Anthony Hodgson

By Neil T Stacey



       Is Battle for Zendikar short of Standard-playable cards?

        First look at Battle for Zendikar : the usual complaints and new mana bases by the number

        Price and value of cards on the South African market  

       Second look at Magic Origins  

       First look at Magic Origins: New Planeswalkers and top ten cards

       Failed epidemic: why does Magic the Gathering sometimes fail to take hold?

       How contagious is Magic the Gathering?

CoCo Aristocrats in Modern

Dracoti’s All the Boxes FNM: Metagame Breakdown

Beating Affinity

How to (actually) get more women into Magic

GPT Copenhagen at the Luckshack (Quarter finals)

A reason to care about commons: my favourite form of casual Magic

News : The way forward for SA Magic

Double-box at The Underground – 1st with Abzan Midrange

Top 5 Top 5s from Dragons of  Tarkir

Dee-Twenty 2k tournament: 1st place with Affinity

Red-white Aggro; is it actually aggro?

Last of its kind: disappointment at the PTQ

World Magic Cup captaincy: frontrunners and rumours

Esper Hussar in Modern

Kinda Sorta Combo: Grand Architect and Thopter Foundry

Wrath of the Banhammer and first look at new Standard

 Fate Reforged: Game design fails and top 8 cards for constructed

 Chord of calling after Fate Reforged

 Bro, do you even test?

Net-decking or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the rhino : 29 December 2014

Tournament report: World Magic Cup 2014-12-16

By Paul  Gulbis

Joe, the new player

New Guys and Gals – to Robot or not to Robot!

The game eternally… And what the Ban-List and Fate Reforged will do to it